Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Power of Prayer July 31, 2011

Around this blog we are going to be unashamed in stating that we believe in the power of prayer. We are going to share with you prayer request, praises for answered prayers and stories of preemies and others who have been affected by the Hand of God in their lives. I have a few today. I want this to be a daily or at least weekly post, so if you have prayer requests, preemie related or not, send them to me and I will post them under this heading as often as I get them.

> Please pray for the Moss family. Natalie and Robb Moss are friends of my friend (really like my sister) Shelly and they were expecting twins. Last week she was 25 weeks and her water broke. They live in Tulsa and were able to get to Hillcrest where the next morning she delivered twin boys, Jack and George. They weighed 1lb 13oz and 2lbs. They are stable but anyone who knows about prematurity knows they have a long road ahead. (As an educational aside, because I don't assume everyone knows about gestational ages and prematurity, that makes them 15 weeks early. Considering that alot of early preemies stay in the hospital until their due date, they are looking at a very long hospital stay.)

> Please pray for Pepper Scott and her parents Justin and Nicki (and big brother London.) Pepper is only a couple months old and has been diagnosed with Mosaic Down Syndrome. It is a rare form of Downs Syndrome that only affects certain cells, unlike the Downs Syndrome we are familiar with that affects all cells. So far, they know that it is affecting her heart and alot of her muscles involved in eating. Both of these things are very serious and will take alot of medical attention. Pray for God's peace and provision over their family and health to little Pepper. Her parents are so determined that she is going to have a bright, bright future and we are praying that God does mighty things through her and her family.

> Other preemies that I know of that need our prayers: Parker Hancock, who has been in the hospital since she was born in March, and Connor Pace who was born in June I believe. Both are growing and both are going to be going home soon hopefully. Pray for their parents as they transition home and for any upcoming procedures and issues that may arise.

Thanks and God bless,

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