Monday, August 8, 2011

The Power of Prayer August 8, 2011

Here are some updates on families we are praying for:

The Moss family: Jack has had 2 surgeries, one for a hole in his stomach and one to close his PDA valve. Both successful and both he came through well. George is being tested to see if he needs the PDA surgery.

The Pace family: Connor is up over 6 pounds and growing and eating well. He should be headed home soon.

The Hancock family: Parker still has not had surgery she needs to go home. Please pray for her mom and dad as this hospital stay has dragged out very long, even for a preemie.

I have a family to add. I was contacted by LaCosta Herrion from Oklahoma City. She had a little girl, Jalesa at 27 weeks last year. She is in need of prayer and support just adjusting and coping with some of her worries and fears about having a preemie. Please keep her and her 3 kids in your prayers.

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