Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Are All Connected

It amazes me when I hear stories of how prematurity connects so many people together. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though because we believe that even in the midst of the troubles and trials that preemie families face, we believe that God is working all things for the good of those who love Him. I have been able to connect with so many people specifically because of Isaac's early birth and our experiences in the NICU and beyond. I have talked with preemie parents from Texas to Canada and from Seattle to New York City, and they all seem to have this in common, they are convinced that they need to support other preemie parents and share their stories so that other can be comforted.

Just the other day as I was trying to catch up on a set of preemie twins whose parents we have been in touch with through a mutual friend, I saw a comment by their mother that made me smile from ear to ear. She had met another preemie family that we know, the Sparks (Parker Hancock's grandparents) and Parker's grandma got to share with her that our church had been praying for the twins since before they were born. God continues to use us as a channel of his blessings and the great thing is that we are blessed over and over because of it.

The Moss twins are progressing as most preemies do, upping feeds, weening off vents and watching for issues that may arise. Jack has 2 brain bleeds but they are shrinking. One is concerning his doctors some because it is in an area of the brain that they know is a risk for cerebral palsy. Pray that this just goes away and that both George and Jack come out of the NICU healthy and free of issues. Miss Parker Hancock is still waiting to have surgery that will connect her esophagus back to her stomach. They are hoping it is coming up soon and that they can take her home soon after. Connor Pace is still in the NICU as well but he is growing fast and should be out by his due date which is in early September.

As an update concerning our efforts to provide support for preemie families, I have been in touch with the group of doctors that services Hillcrest and St Francis and they have said they would help us with outreach events whenever we set some up. That is a huge deal. All preemie parents think that they are pros after they come through the NICU but we can only help from our specific experiences. For instance, Isaac never had a brain bleed, so I cannot speak much to that issue. But having doctors available to explain some of these issues will be a great benefit.

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