Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Hey Everyone! Whew! Have I have been busy. I have been letting the blog go for lots of reasons, all of them good but I should have kept up better over the past few months. I have some quick updates on preemies we have been following and praying for as well as news about an awesome event coming up.

First, two of the preemies we have been requesting prayer for are home! Parker Hancock and Connor Pace are both home and doing well. I got to see Miss Parker Sunday at church. She was there with her family and she is doing great. Connor is moving with his family to the Tulsa area which is going to allow his mom to get to stay at home with him and to be closer to some doctors who need to see him periodically. He is doing good as well. The twins, Jack and George Moss are still in the hospital but doing well. They are both eating and growing and before we know it we will be reporting that they are going home too. God is so good and kind to even the smallest of living thing. We should not be surprised that He is working miracles in the lives of these families. Please continue to pray for them and their families as well as some others. Please pray for Pepper Scott and her family. She is not a preemie but was born back in June and diagnosed with Mosaic Downs Syndrome. I have been helping her mom put together a blog at sweetpepperspath.blogspot.com. You can keep up with her progress here and there.

Finally, I want to encourage you to visit a website http://www.preemiepower.org/. This is a contest site hosted by a group I have mentioned before, Hand to Hold. This is a way to raise awareness about prematurity and the organization and a great opportunity to celebrate the courage and resilience of preemies and their families. If you have a preemie you can enter them in the contest and have your friends and family vote. While they are there they may want to make a donation to this wonderful organization doing so much in Texas to help preemies and their families. You need to enter your preemie by October 16th and voting starts on the 17th. Thanks and God bless!