Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Katie's Story

This is a guest post by one of our preemie parents, Jennifer. Thanks Jennifer for sharing your preemie's story!

I had just hit the 26 week mark in my second pregnancy and my blood pressure was starting to shoot up for an unknown reason. I didn’t have any complications the first go round and I wasn’t prepared for the events that were about to take place. I had spent two days in the hospital during Thanksgiving week and received both doses of the steroid shot which later would greatly impact our little Katie Jo. On Monday November 28th I left work around 3:15pm to go to a scheduled appointment and my blood pressure was 182/118. This is when the whirlwind started.

I was put through a battery of test and started on many IV medications because of fears that I would start seizing since they couldn’t get my blood pressure down. This continued until around 7:30pm when the Dr. told me I was going to be shipped to Tulsa and that I would probably have a baby within the next 24-48 hours. My heart sank. All I could think of was that she was too small and way too early.

Upon arriving at St. John’s in Tulsa, more tests were done. We were told depending on the results they would determine where to go from there. The last set of test results came back around 12:15am and we were informed that I would be going in for an emergency C-section. By 12:55am Katie Jo made her entry into this world, at 2lbs 1oz. 14”. From there on out it was a continuous rollercoaster with too many ups, downs, and curves, to count. She was in the NICU for 74 days, underwent Heart Surgery at 6 days old, was on and off the ventilator numerous times, and battled all kinds of infections and “preemie things”. I was so tired of hearing that as answer for when new things would come about I could’ve screamed. We were told there was only about a 40-50% chance she would make it and if she did there was a very high likelihood she would have to live with many different types of complications due to the prematurity, like blindness, asthma, mental handicaps, and others.

Katie had to fight for her life and that she did. I didn’t get to hold her until New Year’s Eve and that was the best way to start a new year! She was just too small and couldn’t handle the stress prior to then. Although Katie was fighting her daily battles, I too had many emotional ones to over come. My husband and I found strength within each other and God. Through many tears, prayers, and unwavering family support, we were able to get through it all. There were many days I felt guilty that it was my fault, or something I had done, or that I was neglecting one child to be with the other. My oldest daughter at the time was 2 yrs. old. But with Gods help we made it! To this day you would never know all the trials Katie Jo has already lived through and won. She is the most beautiful, perfectly healthy daughter a parent could ask for.

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