Saturday, June 23, 2012

Three in a Row

I am getting ready to put up three blog posts right in a row. I actually wrote these a couple weeks a part. There is an interesting story behind why I am only posting them now. A few months ago I signed on to be a blogger for a group of preemie dads that was starting up called Papas of Preemies. The organizer and founder had some conversations with me about several things regarding faith and my strong outspokeness against abortion. I agreed with him that I would leave the prolife message out of any blogs I sent in as he seemed uneasy about it possibly offending someone who approved of the practice of abortion. I outlined to him my beliefs and how having a preemie strengthened these beliefs and led me to become an prolife activist and an abolitionist. Well, I gave him 3 posts which he used and said that they were great! I then got an email Friday from him that he had become uncomfortable with my sharing of the Gospel and my abolitionizing on my personal facebook page. He said he was removing my content from Papas of Preemies and that I was no longer going to be a part of the group of bloggers. He released my original posts to me to use in any way I wanted since they were going to be taken off the blog he was running. SO, that is how they came to be here. He had asked for original content (something I hadn't ever posted and wouldn't post anywhere else) and I abided by that as well as abiding by all his requests through my short relationship with the blog. So now this original content is going to be posted here on the NEOPOP blog. Needless to say I will probably do all my blogging here from now on. I am thankful that it got me writing again, but I cannot and will not hold back anything in my blogs or my personal postings that takes away glory that is due to God or Truth that needs to be spoken. Thanks for your support for NEOPOP here and on Facebook.

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